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Topical blogs


My blogs are invaluable sources of information on different topics.
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5 channels

1400+ viewers

1,3mln+ views

3000+ fans

100k+ PV/month

50+ articles/month

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Innovative approach to content marketing by a great influencer.

Why is it worth working with me?


I have a vast professional experience as a journalist, PR Specialist, as well as Online Marketing Manager working on various complex online projects.


I am open to various forms of cooperation and taking into consideration my vast professional experience, I can suggest some great tools and solutions which can help achieve some amazing marketing effects.


I am happy to share articles on my blog with the wide audience. My articles do not expire after a certain time but it is possible to access them even after a along period of time.


editor, journalist, project manager, front-end developer

Jakub Markiewicz


For 7 years I had been working for one of the major media corporations in Poland and during this time I gained a complex exeprience. I used to work as a journalist, publisher, community and product manager, as well as a brand manager (regional branch of national television, ZPRMedia). I was also responsible for deliver trannings for my co-workers as well as sudents.

After having left a career as an online and IT project manager, I started cooperating with one of the biggest marketing and production agencies in Lublin- Vena Art. My main task was to create, implement and run marketing campaines for clients from all over of Poland.


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projektów polskich i zagranicznych
Client support


If you have questions, suggestions or your own ideas related to the cooperation, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to me and we can discuss the details. I leave no message unaswered.

ul. Mackiewicza 5, 20-865 Lublin, Poland

+48 510 026 956


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