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Stronapiekna.pl is a nationwide portal which focuses on health, beauty, children,family and lifestyle.

since 2017

Portal is aimed at people who are passionate about healthy lifestyle and are looking to expand their knowledge related to health, child-raising, as well as beauty trends.

What this blog is about

When creating the contect fort his blog, I have been cooperting wth doctors from all-ver Poland such as dermatologists, alergolisy, orthopaedist, pediatricians and rehabilitators. In terms of the beauty section, a team of experieced beuaticans, stylists, make-up artists and SFX specliasst can answer all your queries.

This blog is focusing mainly on women, howewver men will also be able to find topics which may itnerest them, e.g. jogging, sport injuries – the diagnosis and possible treatment etc. In this portal you can also find reviews of all sorts of equipments as well as appliances wrote by women for women but not only, e.g. a camera designed especially for women.

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Forms of cooperation

I am open to any form of cooperation. I believe that my articles should add value to the readers and help them make the right choice.

Blog focuses on beauty, healteallthy lifestyle,children, and family. On the this website you can find two types of reviews – video clips as well as articles.

Means of cooperation:
– Media patronage
– Tailormade articles
– Sponsored artcles
– Products reviews
– Product placement
– Pay per impression campaign (FF,CPM model)
– other (please feel free to reach out ot me in order to discuss your ideas)

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