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Wartokupic.co is a blog about shopping and shopping recommendations. It is an opinion-forming portal which suggests which products are must-haves and how much you should pay for them.

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Over 5k UU i 12 k PV per month

Wartokupic.co is also a place with reviews and news about products.

What this blog is about

Wartokupic.co it a blog which focuses on must-have products and appliances. The website has been set up in 2015.

The readers can find here experts’ suggestions/recommendtions as well as famous bloggers who talkl about the products they use on a daly basis themsleves. It’s a great place if you are looking for products rankings, equpiments tests and new devies teasers. The most popular article was read over 50K times and made a couple of thousand CPC, CPL and CPS.

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Forms of cooperation

I am open to any form of cooperation. I believe that my articles should add value to the readers and help them make the right choice.

Wartokupic is a blog about shopping, shopping advice, new products on the market, products comparison etc. There are two types of posts on the website: articles and videos.

Means of cooperation:
– Media patronage
– Tailormade articles
– Sponsored artcles
– Products reviews
– Product placement
– Pay per impression campaign (FF,CPM model)
– other (please feel free to reach out ot me in order to discuss your ideas)

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